Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween

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Doodle and Bee “Trampoline” – short animation

Doodle has been training on his newly bought trampoline while Bee is scoring his performance.
Hope you enjoy the short animation!
Doodle&Bee “Trampoline” from Doodle and Bee on Vimeo.

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Doodle and Bee ‘Trampoline’

Bee giving Doodle the final score 🙂



Doodle and Bee ‘Trampoline’

Doodle and Bee 'Trampoline'

Doodle & Bee 'Trampoline'

Doodle and Bee ‘Best ramen in Los Angeles!’

Doodle and Bee 'Best Ramen in Los Angeles'

Doodle & Bee 'When Doodle was young...'

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Doodle & Bee ‘Jealous’

Doodle & Bee 'Jealous'

Doodle & Bee 'Jealous'

Doodle & Bee ‘Blueberry Juggling’

Doodle & Bee 'Blueberry Juggling' sketch

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